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Friday · February 3 · 2023

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“Hey Birdie, I thought the government was never properly briefed about the hedge, and that's why the trades weren't made. But in those last two...”

newcitizen on “BPL’s hedge mishandling to cost Bahamians $150m”

14h ago

“Yeah of course you need to correct the culture but gun essentially make it easier for a homicide to occur. Without their guns some of these cowards...”

Flyingfish on “Firearms task force ‘to create safer Bahamas’”

15h ago

“So if we were doing this from the start we wouldn't be down so deep in the hole. Posted by Flyingfish on February 2 at 4:04 p.m. ”

Flyingfish on “Gov’t revenues beat early goal by $50.6m”

15h ago

“Yeah, it's Corporate tax, which only tagest the biggest of the corporation like Atlantis, Baha Mar, etc Posted by Flyingfish on February 2 at 4 p.m. ”

Flyingfish on “Corporate income tax paper before Q1 end”

15h ago

“‘ A man we’ll call “Egon Tusk” had just become the CEO of a large tech company. The departing CEO left him with three envelopes numbered 1, 2 and 3....”

John on “DAVIS: IT’S YOUR FAULT, DR MINNIS – PM blames hospital woes on former administration”

15h ago

“Mr. Pintard, you need to sit small on the subject of illegal immigration, like you did while serving under the previous administration and while the...”

themessenger on “Davis administration has ‘thrown in the towel’ on illegal migration, Pintard says”

15h ago